Tier 2 ( updated with Tier 3 )


What are the Tier 2 restrictions for eating out in London? 

We’re back out of lockdown and straight into Tier 2 of the Government’s Covid restrictions! It’s not great news for local restaurants and small businesses like MangiaTutto, as the new restrictions mean we can open, but that there are some limitations on how our customers can dine with us. 

We hope this won’t deter you from enjoying all the great restaurants and cafes that London has to offer. As an industry, we definitely need your support right now, so we’d be overjoyed to serve you our tasty food, in line with the current restrictions. 

What are the rules? 

If you decide to dine out, you can’t mix households or bubbles under the new Tier 2 rules. So, you can eat with your family or housemates, but only if you all live in the same house and are part of the same Covid bubble. That means no meeting up with other friendship groups, or other families. 

And while you are eating with us, you must observe all sensible social distancing rules while at the restaurant, and need to wear a mask or face covering when entering the restaurant. You can remove the mask when seated at your table to eat, but you must wear your mask when visiting the bathroom or leaving the restaurant. 

Come and enjoy our menu

It’s not the dining experience we want for you, but it is the safest way for you to enjoy our delicious Mediterranean and Romanian dishes, while sticking to the Tier 2 Covid regulations. 

And we would love to see you at MangiaTutto for a tasty meal and to enjoy a night out during these troubled times. So, please do book a table and come down to Bayswater to experience our unique combination of quality food and customer service. 

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  • Mark
    9:55 AM 09/12/2020

    It’s a step forward in the fight with coronavirus.
    The vaccine will end it, so things can go back to normal!

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